Kjaer Weisin kevään ensimmäinen meikkilook – Color Me Blue

06.02.2016, Jolie

Give your black eyeliner the day off. We’ve reimagined the cat eye in a stroke of colorful blue, a fresh new take on classic starlet beauty.

  • Prime your face so it’s the perfect canvas for a bold-eyed look. Moisturize and sparingly apply our Cream Foundation; fill in the brows with a shadow close to your brow color for a clean, groomed look.
  • Dust a light, neutral shadow like Cloud Nine over the entire lid to create a silky smooth base for this standout blue hue. Begin to create the winged effect of a cat-eye by using the Angle Brush and the edge of a credit card or a Kjaer Weis refill package. Place the edge at a 45 degree angle to the outer eyelid as a guide for the “wings”; apply Blue Wonder to the outer corners of the eyes. When you remove the card, a clean, perfectly shaped wing will appear. Line the rest of the eye along the lashline to meet the wing. Finish with the desired amount of Organic Mascara.
  • Set off the bold eye with just a touch of pale, sheer pink to the cheeks and lips. Dot Embrace Cream Blush along the apples of the cheeks and blend with the Blush Brush. Lips also get a pat of Embrace Cream Blush; Layer over that Bliss Full Lip Tint for a perfectly pale, rosy pink lip.

Voit ostaa koko Color Me Blue -lookin värimeikkituotteet täältä!

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