Kjaer Weis Alive with Spring

06.05.2015, Hannamari Rahkonen

Olemme saaneet kutkuttavia kevätterveisiä Kjaer Weisilta New Yorkista, jotka jaamme mielellämme tänään teidänkin kanssanne. Sädehtivän kauniin sarjan takaa löytyy nainen, jonka näkemys laadusta ja estetiikasta välittyvät näiden urbaanien ja useasti palkittujen meikkituotteiden välityksellä.


Spring is probably my favorite time of the year. New life, waking up from nature’s deep sleep, feels so fresh and alive. The earth and all of its creatures, including us, are energized to get out and move. Our new lip colors capture the spirit of joy that is so alive in Spring; a pop of color that appears from nowhere, dewy, supple, sensuously luscious and full; an expression of happiness contrasted with the subdued tones of winter’s shadow.

Spring motivates me to create space, cleaning and clearing away those things that clutter my ability to move freely and be open to new inspiration. It begins with a healthy detox, and a mindful reflection of the choices we make on what we eat, and what we put on our skin. I like to treat myself to green drinks, brimming with spinach, parsley and kale. When we “cleanse” our bodies internally, our skin reveals the health of our bodies externally. Clean, healthy skin is the perfect palette to try one of our new Spring colors, such as our lip tints in Amazed, Beloved, and Rapture.


My intention is to have glowing skin that needs minimal coverage, with just a small bit of Blush and Lip Tint to enhance one’s natural essence. However, at times, we may prefer a bit more color or coverage, and clean skin always makes for the perfect canvas for whatever look you want to achieve. Kjaer Weis make up works with the skin, not against it. Feel free to play with new colors or products, knowing that Kjaer Weis is good for your body, skin, and overall well being.

Spring; it’s the perfect time to release and just let go. Time to plant seeds for a new, fresh look. Time to wake up, stretch, and grow.


Our team at Kjaer Weis continues to grow, and much like Spring, new seeds of inspiration are beginning to take root. You’ll be meeting new members of our team to better partner with you and your sales efforts, new systems for greater efficiencies and a few new products to further enhance the Kjaer Weis product line. Stay tuned; at Kjaer Weis, we are ALIVE WITH SPRING.



Kuvat Hannamari Rahkonen paitsi viimeinen kuva Kjaer Weis

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